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Which Filler Is Best for Your Skin?

The advent of dermal fillers has revolutionized the world of beauty and anti-aging treatments. Dermal fillers let you restore lost facial volume, fill in wrinkles, and plump up your lips for a fresh new look.

But there’s more than one type of dermal filler and each has its benefits and best uses. Which one is right for you? Physician and aesthetician Donald Lee, DO can help you decide. When you come to Biz MedSpa here in Fremont, California for a consultation, Dr. Lee evaluates your skin, listens to your goals, and then chooses the best filler to give you the updated, refreshed appearance you desire.

Juvederm® vs. Radiesse®: What’s the difference?

At Biz MedSpa, Dr. Lee offers both Juvéderm® and Radiesse® dermal fillers. The Juvéderm collection of fillers are gels composed of hyaluronic acid (HA) that provide immediately plumping, smoothing, and volume increases to treatment areas. Juvéderm fillers last from 6-18 months, depending on the filler’s thickness and how mobile the treatment area is. 

Radiesse is a collagen-stimulating filler that uses microparticles of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) to trigger your skin’s own collagen-remodeling process and restore lost volume. You may see preliminary results just two weeks after receiving Radiesse, but the results continue to get better over the following months as your skin produces more collagen. Radiesse can last for up to three years, though you may want a touch-up before then.

Building up your cheek, lip, and facial volume

If your face is sagging, you’ve probably lost key elements in your skin, such as collagen, elastin, and fat. Dr. Lee recommends restoring volume and lift by building up your cheekbone area with Juvéderm Voluma, a thick HA filler. The results are immediate: You leave the office with skin that’s so uplifted and rejuvenating that you’ll feel years younger.

If you have nasolabial folds (NLF) or have thin skin around your cheek area, Dr. Lee may use Juvéderm XC to replace the lost volume and smooth out the folds. He also uses either Juvéderm XC or Juvéderm Volbella to reshape and plump up your lips. Just creating more volume and pout in your lip area can brighten up your entire face. 

Augmenting your nasal bridge

If you’re frustrated with a nasal bridge that makes your nose look too flat, but you don’t want surgery, Dr. Lee suggests Radiesse. By stimulating the production of collagen at the top of your nasal bridge, Radiesse builds up that area gradually, so you have a more attractive nose shape and stronger profile.

Correcting deep creases and wrinkles 

If you have very deep creases, such as NLF or marionette lines, Dr. Lee may choose from either Juvéderm or Radiesse, depending on the type of look you want and how quickly you want to see the improvement. He may also choose to layer the products so that you get long-lasting volume correction from Radiesse and immediate smoothness and plumping from Juvéderm. Both dermal fillers singly or in combination can treat:

If you have lines around your forehead or eyes that you want to smooth out, Dr. Lee recommends Botox® instead of fillers.

Lifting your face

If you want an overall rejuvenation, but aren’t ready for a surgical facelift, Dr. Lee can custom-design a liquid facelift. He uses Radiesse to create a nonsurgical brow lift. He may choose either Juvéderm or Radiesse to build up the volume in your cheeks and face to lift your skin and resolve early jowling.

Rejuvenating your hands

Radiesse is FDA-approved to correct the thin skin that makes your hands look older than you feel. The increased collagen that your skin produces after Radiesse treatment resolves the overly-veiny appearance that drastically ages your hands.

To find out which dermal fillers can give you the updated, rejuvenated look you’re after, contact our team by calling 510-270-0422 or using our easy appointment request form. 

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