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What to Expect During Your PRP Session

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is one of the most exciting developments in skin rejuvenation in, well, ever. Simply by isolating and concentrating the healing powerhouses of your blood — otherwise known as cell fragments called platelets — your doctor helps your skin and other tissues rebuild themselves to be stronger and literally younger.

At Biz MedSpa in Fremont, California, Donald Lee, DO, and our experienced team of medical professionals love helping their clients help themselves with PRP therapies. Depending on your needs, you can use PRP to:

You can also restore your sex life, whether you’re a woman or a man. With PRP, you can:

No matter which area of your face or body you want to restore, the entire process of creating and administering PRP is safe, quick, and virtually pain-free.

Better than a blood test

Donating your own blood to create a PRP serum takes no more time, effort, or pain than getting a blood test.

To begin the process, one of our team members cleans and sterilizes your arm, and then inserts a needle to withdraw blood. They only need 2-4 tablespoons of blood to create your PRP serum. 

They then place the blood into a specially designed centrifuge which separates the platelets from other components of your blood. Within minutes, they’ve isolated the healing platelets. 

Next, they mix the platelets into a small part of the liquid portion of your donated blood, known as the plasma. You now have a platelet-rich serum that has up to 10 times the healing power of regular blood.

You only need local anesthetic

To control pain in the areas where you’re being treated, your Biz MedSpa professional numbs you with topical anesthetic or an injection of lidocaine. They then inject the serum into the tissues you’re trying to improve.

If you’re filling out scars, wrinkles, or parts of your face that have volume loss, they inject those areas directly. They also can inject your scalp where you’ve noticed recent hair loss. 

If they’re treating large areas, they may give your skin or scalp a microneedling treatment. The tiny needles in the microneedling device create vertical wound channels that allow the PRP to penetrate deeply into your skin when pushed on the surface of your face or scalp. 

If you’re a woman who wants to revive her sex life and reverse the urogenital symptoms associated with aging and menopause (including incontinence), Dr. Lee injects the PRP into the top of your vaginal wall, near the opening. He may also inject your clitoris to increase stimulation and sensation. If you’re a man who’s suffered from ED, Dr. Lee injects the PRP directly into the shaft of your penis. 

No matter where you receive your PRP treatment, you may feel a little pinch as the needle delivers the serum. However, your PRP should not hurt. 

PRP works with your body

You may be sore for a few days in the treatment area and should refrain from sex during that time if you’ve been treated in your sex organs. Other than that, you’ll have almost no downtime with PRP. Women who receive PRP in their sexual organs tend to notice an improvement in libido, lubrication, and sensation within days.

However, not all PRP results are instantaneous. The PRP serum provides your body with the ingredients it needs to eliminate old tissues and rebuild healthier new ones. This often takes time. You may need a series of treatments for facial rejuvenation and hair regrowth, for instance.

During the months after your PRP treatment, your body’s busy building new blood vessels to supply your rejuvenated skin and tissues. Your skin also produces new collagen to repair scars, wrinkles, and scalp follicles.

If you’re ready to use your own blood to turn back time with PRP, call us at 510-270-0422 or use our easy online form to book a safe, restorative session at our medical spa today.

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