Turn Back the Clock on Aging Skin With Thermage®

Wrinkles and sagging are natural parts of the aging process, made worse by factors like excess sun exposure and smoking. Just because these effects are natural, though, doesn’t mean you have to live with them. 

If you’re bothered by your appearance and would prefer to look as young as you feel without the hassle of surgery, you may be a good candidate for Thermage®. Learn more about this cutting-edge treatment by calling us at Biz MedSpa or requesting an appointment through our website. 

How Thermage works

Thermage helps you appear younger by tightening sagging skin and contours in your face and other body areas using radiofrequency (RF) technology. The heat produced during your 30-90 minute treatment stimulates natural collagen production. From an aging standpoint, this collagen production is vital because collagen is a protein that helps keep your skin tight, firm, smooth, and supple. 

In addition to smoothing out wrinkled skin and enhancing your facial appearance, Donald Lee, DO, and his staff treat loose skin in a range of areas, including your:

What Thermage treatment feels like

Unlike more invasive youth-enhancing treatments, such as surgical face-lifts, Thermage is so gentle that we can treat you while you remain awake in an office setting, and there are no incisions or injections. The Thermage device heats the lower layers of your skin, while keeping the upper layers cool. 

You probably won’t experience any soreness or pain during your treatment. More likely, you’ll merely notice a vibrating sensation that most people tolerate well. After your treatment, any swelling or redness that appears is normal and typically goes away on its own within about 24 hours. 

What to do after Thermage treatment

Thermage treatment doesn’t require any downtime for recovery. In other words, you can go straight back to your usual activities after your treatment. From there, your results gradually appear as collagen production in the treatment area improves. While you’ll notice more firmness and smoothness within two to six months, improvements may continue for up to two years after a single treatment. 

To make the most of your results, take good care of your skin, applying quality moisturizers and protecting it from the sun with broad spectrum sunscreen or sun-protective clothing. 

Over time, if you notice your results have started diminishing, you can schedule a touch-up session. You may also wish to bring benefits to additional areas, which you can schedule for the same appointment. While many people start with treatment on the face alone, many are so pleased with the results that they opt for Thermage on other body areas, too.

Give us a call today or set up your appointment right on this website by clicking the “Request Appointment” button.

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