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How to Incorporate Botox Into Your Beauty Routine

If you have fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin, you’re not alone. As you grow older, these common problems usually develop because of sun damage, collagen loss, and cellular changes in your body. 

But, that’s only part of the problem. You can also blame the repeated muscle contractions that cause your skin to fold and furrow every time you smile, squint, frown, or raise an inquisitive eyebrow.

Fortunately, you can reverse all these signs of aging by making Botox® with Dr. Donald Lee part of your beauty routine at Biz MedSpa in Fremont, California.

Botox Cosmetic treatments

Botox Cosmetic is the only FDA-approved treatment available for reducing the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. This prescription formula harnesses a naturally-occurring neurotoxin to temporarily paralyze specific muscles in your face to create a relaxed and youthful appearance.

In addition to using Botox to treat wrinkles, Dr. Lee also offers innovative new uses for other cosmetic issues, including:

Dr. Lee recommends making Botox Cosmetic part of your beauty routine because it comes with proven results supported by more than 15 years of clinical studies. It’s approved for use in both men and women, and is a popular cosmetic treatment in 96 countries.

Getting results with Botox Cosmetic 

Botox Cosmetic treatments with Dr. Lee involve a series of injections during a short office visit that typically takes between 5-15 minutes. 

During your beauty treatment, Dr. Lee uses a tiny needle to administer your Botox injections, so there’s little discomfort during your appointment. His skilled approach also provides natural-looking results, so you don’t have to worry about having a frozen appearance or reduced facial expressions. In fact, you’ll look like yourself again — just with younger and healthier looking skin — and no one will know you had Botox at all.

After having a Botox beauty treatment, you can return to your normal daily routine immediately. It’s common to have mild redness or soreness after having injections, but these typically fade within a few hours. You can also expect to start seeing initial results from Botox quickly, because it only takes a day or two for your muscles to relax and your skin to smooth out. These results are temporary, however, lasting up to four months. 

To keep your skin looking youthful, smooth, and healthy, Dr. Lee recommends incorporating regular follow-up injections into your beauty routine.

Are you ready to make Botox part of your beauty routine? Call us at Biz MedSpa or schedule an appointment online today. 

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