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How to Get Plumper, More Sultry Lips in Just Minutes

Your eyes convey intelligence and emotion, but your lips convey sensuality. Large, luscious lips are everywhere these days, from Instagram to TikTok to smartphone selfies. If you weren’t born with the lips you want, or if your lips have gotten thinner with age, you may wonder how you can get the sultry pout of your dreams.

At  Biz MedSpa in Fremont, California, Donald Lee, DO, and his experienced team offer nonsurgical lip augmentations with the Juvéderm® collection of dermal fillers. Juvéderm can turn your lips from functional to sensational. If you’re not exactly sure how sexy you want to look, here are some tips.

You want a glossy shine

If you’d like more beautiful lips but don’t want to venture into significant plumping, Dr. Lee recommends Juvéderm Volbella XC®. As with all of the Juvéderm products, Volbella is formulated with hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a type of sugar that your body produces to hold in moisture to keep your skin and joints hydrated.

Volbella is the thinnest Juvéderm filler and doesn’t add much volume. Instead, it smooths out your lips and creates the look of a semi-permanent lip gloss. 

Volbella is a perfect choice if you want to subtly restore volume to your lips that has been lost to aging (and your depleted stores of natural HA). If you’re new to lip fillers and want to start conservatively, Volbella is a great place to begin. To stay sleek and kissable, get a touch-up every year or so.

You want a sexy pout

Whether you’re interested in creating a modest pout or a dramatic one, the filler for you is Juvéderm Ultra XC®. Start with one syringe if you’re new to fillers. Or get up to three syringes for full-on sexy lips.

If you’re not sure exactly how far to go, Dr. Lee recommends starting by creating an ideal 1:2 ratio between your top and bottom lip. As with Volbella, Juvéderm Ultra is formulated specifically for the lips, so that it lasts a long time. You only need a touch-up once a year.

You want to reshape your lips

Whether your lips are asymmetrical by nature or because of an injury, you may be bothered by the fact that one side of your lips doesn’t look the same as the other. The Biz MedSpa aestheticians expertly choose from Volbella or Ultra to correct defects and asymmetries in your lips. They can even change the shape of your Cupid’s bow.

Fillers are fast

One of the best things about nonsurgical lip augmentation is that it takes less than an hour. You might want to bring some photos of your ideal lips to your consultation at Biz MedSpa so that you and your aesthetician are clear about how plump you want to go. 

Juvéderm fillers contain the local anesthetic lidocaine, which keeps your lips comfortable during your treatment. While you might feel a little swollen for the first day or two, soon you’ll see (and feel) the lips of your dreams … and so will the lucky person who gets to kiss them.

Call our friendly team at 510-270-0422 or use our online form to book your sultry new lip treatment with dermal fillers today.

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