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How Thermage® Can Make You Look and Feel Younger

You may do all the right things to look and feel younger — only to wake up one day and realize that you can’t reverse time on your own. All of your excellent skincare habits — cleansing gently, using sunscreen every day, moisturizing — haven’t been enough to keep your skin from sagging and drooping.

If you’re dissatisfied with your skin’s laxity these days, Donald Lee, DO, and his team at Biz MedSpa in Fremont, California, recommend a nonsurgical facelift or body lift with state-of-the-art Thermage FLX. Read on to find out how just one Thermage radiofrequency (RF) treatment can help you look and feel younger and more energized again. 

20 minutes to travel back in time

More than 300,000 women and men in the United States opted for nonsurgical skin tightening in 2019. While other nonsurgical facelift methods may require a series of treatments to rejuvenate skin, you only need one Thermage treatment. The results can last for years.

Thermage was first approved by the FDA for skin tightening and wrinkle erasure in 2001.  However, you can also use Thermage to treat sagging skin anywhere on your body, such as your:

Just let the BizMed Spa team know what areas trouble you most, and we’ll design a Thermage treatment plan for you.

Thermage tightens immediately…

Your skin is made of seven layers, five of which are part of the epidermis, which is the outermost part of your skin. The next layer is the dermis, which is composed of collagen and also contains nerves, sweat glands, and oil glands. Underneath the dermis is the hypodermis, which is mostly made up of fat.

The Thermage FLX system bypasses the epidermis and delivers RF energy straight to the collagen-rich dermis layer. The heat from the RF forces tired, old strands of collagen that have lost their form to contract and tighten.

Collagen and elastin fibers support your skin and make it firm. As you age, they lose their shape and so your skin loses its shape, too. By contracting collagen fibers, Thermage immediately makes your skin tighter, too. The heat also contracts the fibrous septae that attach your dermis layer to the hypodermis, which creates a smoother contour.

… and gradually

Though you notice the difference in your skin shortly after your first treatment, your main benefits take up to six months to become apparent. That’s because Thermage doesn’t just tighten pre-existing collagen; it also stimulates your body to produce newer, stronger strands of collagen and elastin, too.

As your skin remodels itself with new collagen, it continues to become stronger, firmer, and more flexible. After 3-6 months, you notice your skin is once again:

Another advantage of Thermage is that you don’t have any downtime after your treatment. Some people may experience a slightly pink or swollen face for about a day, but most go straight back to their normal activities after leaving the BizMed spa.

To set up a consultation and find out if Thermage is right for you, give us a call at 510-270-0422 or use our easy online form today.

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