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Get Your Pre-pregnancy Body Back With Smartlipo

To be sure that your developing baby got all the nourishment it needed during gestation, you probably gained anywhere from 11-40 pounds, depending on whether you were underweight, overweight, or already at a healthy weight. Those extra pounds served their purpose, and now you’re the proud mom of a beautiful baby.

You wouldn’t change a thing about your pregnancy or delivery. Your body, however, is another matter. You’re starting to feel frustrated with the way you look. That “healthy weight” has settled into your hips, thighs, tummy, or arms, and seems determined to stay.

When you try to lose the weight through diet and exercise alone, you either end up looking too gaunt or you still have fatty bulges in areas you’d rather look sleek. Weight loss and exercise can tone up your entire body, but it can’t address specific areas that are prone to bulging. But Smartlipo from CynoSure® can.

Donald Lee, DO and his aesthetic team at Biz MedSpa offer Smartlipo at their comfortable medical spa in Fremont, California. If you’re struggling to reshape your body after pregnancy, here’s how Smartlipo can help.

Smartlipo targets trouble areas

You’ve heard all of your life that you can’t target fatty bulges through spot exercises. It’s true: Exercise speeds up your metabolism to help you burn fat more quickly. But it’s not site-specific. 

If you do crunches every day, you might lose weight overall and get tighter abs. However, the fat on your abdomen won’t get burned off at a faster rate than the fat on the rest of your body. Your proportions stay the same.

Smartlipo is a laser-assisted form of liposuction that Dr. Lee targets to the specific fatty bulges that bother you without removing fat from areas you’d like to keep it, such as your face or breasts. He uses Smartlipo to reduce fatty rolls and bulges on your:

A Smartlipo session also helps tighten your skin slightly as the fat disappears. In fact, research shows that the laser treatment improves skin elasticity by about 57%. If your face or neck needs a “lift,” Dr. Lee can add those to your treatment, too. 

Smartlipo reshapes it all

You don’t have to settle for removing just one bulge at a time. When you meet with our team, just let us know which areas of your body you’d like to improve. We can do them all in one session.

Dr. Lee removes large areas of fat with Smartlipo, including tummy bulges and thunder thighs. He also addresses smaller areas in the same session, such as removing a double chin to create a sleeker, more youthful facial shape. Smartlipo even tightens turkey neck.

Smartlipo works with your busy schedule

Smartlipo uses the power of laser energy to make liposuction easier and less traumatic. That means you won’t have a long recovery time. 

Dr. Lee uses small incisions to target each area, then inserts a narrow tube that contains the laser fiber. The laser energy ruptures the membranes that enclose fat cells, so that they’re destroyed and easily vacuumed into the tube.

You’re awake, but drowsy, for the entire pain-free procedure. Depending on the extent of your reshaping, your Smartlipo session only lasts an hour or two. 

To reduce swelling and bruising, you wear a compression garment for about a week. Though you may feel sore after your procedure, you should be able to return to most activities within a day or two.

Find out how Smartlipo can help you recover your pre-pregnancy body today. Give us a call at 510-270-0422 or use our easy online form to request an appointment.

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